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Thinking of a Minimalist Home Terrace Design with a Narrow Land, Here are 6 Tips!

Minimalist home terrace design is one of the interesting discussions. The terrace of the house is the front part of the house that is often used to relax or chat with family.

In addition, the beauty and tidiness of your terrace also affects the comfort when relaxing. But often we feel confused when we think about a minimalist home terrace design so we are reluctant to arrange it because of the narrow land.

6 Tips for Minimalist Home Terrace Design

Here are some ways that you can use, to make a minimalist terrace design great even in a narrow area.

1. Rattan Chair

First, we can use rattan furniture as your patio interior. Rattan, is a material derived from plants such as the vine.

It has been proven that rattan is a very strong material. Therefore, rattan is widely used by primitive people to support their lives. Such as tying game animals, making a kind of rope, and so on.

This strong and flexible characteristic of rattan is the inspiration for making furniture such as chairs, tables, and so on.

Yes, because rattan is easy to shape, as we can see around us, there are already lots of attractive and charming rattan chair designs.

The production of rattan chairs is still done by hand, thus providing irreplaceable details of the art of craft. That is why from the past until now the need for rattan chairs has increased, especially for the European and United States markets.

You could say that rattan chairs are environmentally friendly and unique to use and are worth trying to add cool value to a minimalist home terrace design on limited land. Just use two chairs with one table so that the terrace space does not look cramped but still comfortable.

We can also add hanging plants or plants in pots so that our terrace looks more beautiful.

2. Japanese Lesehan Concept

What is meant by lesehan here is sitting on the floor, mat, or even using a pillow to sit in order to add comfort when unwinding.

Although now many people are switching to choose a sofa, it never hurts to try. Enough with a room area of ​​2 × 2 meters we can apply this minimalist Japanese-style terrace space.

Use a table that is not too high to put food or drinks. You can also put the right seat cushion to increase our comfort while relaxing.

To liven up the atmosphere you can combine colors that are not too complicated, such as brown, black, or white.

3. Beach Chair

Beach chairs are different from other chairs in general. If the chair is generally paired with a table, then a beach chair is not necessary, because this type of chair stands alone.

This chair is usually used to sit back while reading a magazine. Can you say it's rare?

But this is no longer a taboo subject. Besides that, beach chairs are suitable for straightening your body and relaxing after work, you can also enjoy the view in front of the house while sipping the delicious coffee and folding it back when finished.

4. Stick Table

Tips to add to the fourth minimalist home terrace design is to install an outboard table on your terrace. The table is the most basic furniture, and one of the household furniture that must exist.

Its function is not only to place objects, but also plays an important role as the main focus of a spatial layout. No wonder the table is referred to as furniture that cannot be separated from the daily activities of each individual.

Therefore, installing an outboard table can be used as an alternative to designing your home terrace. It is also suitable for use on the 2nd floor terrace of your house.

To make it look more colorful, we can also add wall wallpapers with motifs according to taste, such as floral motifs, lines, anime characters or just geometric pictures and flower vases in the corner of our pasted table. Don't forget to add a small chair as a complement.

5. Small Garden

Well, we usually think that making a garden requires a large area of ​​land. Size is not the principle thing for beautiful landscape results.

Small parks have their own charm, don't get me wrong, friends! we can make it, even with limited media.

Use some stone accessories to make it look more environmentally friendly. In addition, we can plant medium-sized trees such as bonsai trees and some ornamental plants such as roses, jasmine flowers, sunflowers, or other ornamental plants.

Finally add a small fence to make it more beautiful and make some paths with stones leading to the terrace. You can practice it and see the results of your own work.

6. Hanging Chair

The last tip for making a minimalist home terrace design is to use a hanging chair on the terrace of the house. The unique hanging chair gives an even more interesting impression. This type of chair is good for designing a terrace in your home.

Can give a classic impression and is suitable for emphasizing the shabby chic style. The type of hanging chair in the shabby chic style is one of them in the form of a cage. Hanging chairs can be used for swings too, although not as free as swings in general.

The cage-shaped chairlift has an iron frame on one side. This makes the framework usable for laying mosquito nets and keeps mosquitoes and insects out.

This cage-shaped hanging chair will be very unique to decorate your relaxation room on the terrace. Use it to relax when tired hits. For a moment relaxing in this caged chairlift, you can definitely get excited again.

How to design a minimalist home terrace is easy and simple to use because we don't have to bother adding any accessories.

Your terrace will also look unique apart from that, if you have small children this option is worth trying so that your baby feels happy. Your baby can play in front of the terrace that we designed.

Serena and Lily's is one of the interior brands that carries the California style. Give a cool design to the product to give the impression of casual and comfort as if on vacation.

Products from this brand have a design that combines classic with modern style. One of their products is a comfortable hanging chair.

With the basic material of rattan, the product has a very classic impression. Having a soft white color makes a graceful impression on the product. Can be placed in a Scandinavian-style room.

This hanging chair will be more attractive if it is decorated with pillows in unobtrusive colors. The hanging chair can be placed outdoors like a terrace.

Byron Bay Hanging is a brand that offers cool hanging chairs. Their products are inspired by a deep love and also a high obsession to produce quality products.

The hanging chair product from this brand is very unique and iconic because it carries the style of the 60's to the 70's. With a classic model, this product is made from natural ingredients. You can use this chairlift to read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Can be used for relaxation and a moment to rest from busyness. Products from the Byron Bay Hanging brand are guaranteed to create a nostalgic atmosphere of the 70s era. You can put it in a retro-style room to emphasize the old impression on your terrace.

Well, in addition to what has been described above, you can also explore by designing a vintage-style minimalist terrace or something else.

That is, even though our land is limited, it doesn't mean we can't cultivate it. Those are some ways to design a minimalist home terrace that I can share, good luck and hopefully it will add to your comfort when relaxing with family.