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South Indian Style House Design


South Indian Style House Design

South Indian Style House Design - Indian architecture evolves with the times. In the BC century, many buildings used stone materials with a lot of carving skills.

Furthermore, Indian architecture is influenced by temples with carvings that are so beautiful. And the influence of Islamic architecture began to spread to various places in India.

Until now India still has buildings with beautiful and enchanting designs.

5 South Indian Style House Design

1. Lattice House

Located on the outskirts of the city, this house is made up of stacks of unequal volumes wrapped in cedar slats. Architect Sameep Padora designed the house to suit the settlements in its neighborhood.

The residence is surrounded by traditional houses built vertically. The upper part of the residence is planned to be rented out by the owner.

2. Woodhouse

This wooden clad residence is located in the Himalayan foothills in the village of Satkhol, a popular tourist site located 2,000 meters above sea level.

Matra Architects designed a residence with a unique facade. The roof is flat but smooth at the ends. This residence is a vacation home that can be used by tourists who want to explore the highest mountains in the world.

3. Brick Curtain

Located in the Indian port city of Surat, this family home has a facade encased in concrete and also covered in corrugated red brick.

Design Work Group not only designed it to beautify the look of the house, but also to reduce heat in the room.

4. The Leaf House

This residence is equipped with a canopy that resembles a leaf that serves to protect the rooms. SJK Architects designed a residence with four separate bedrooms and a spacious outdoor living area.

5. Collage House

Collage House is a multi-generational house wrapped in antique doors and windows. The materials used by S+PS Architects to build the house are used materials that have been destroyed.