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Simple Village Kitchen Design

Simple Village Kitchen Design

Simple Village Kitchen Design - The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. The reason is, if the kitchen has a small size and is cramped then this will make the residents of the house feel uncomfortable and make cooking activities less enthusiastic.

Therefore, if you want to have a kitchen that is simple but still unique and attractive, you can try implementing a kitchen design in your village or village. The kitchens in the village usually have a fairly large size coupled with the presence of many windows or openings. In addition, the kitchen in the village usually also uses natural materials so that it makes the atmosphere feel fresher and more pleasant.

Well, here we will provide some examples of kitchen design models in the village or village that you might use as inspiration in making kitchens. Although simple, this village kitchen design has a very beautiful appearance and is far from tacky.

Examples of Simple Village Kitchen Design

Simple Kitchen Without Kitchen Set

The kitchen design used in the village or village is identical to the traditional impression. For example, this simple kitchen design does not use sophisticated equipment at all, such as a kitchen set.

However, even without a kitchen set, you can still design a kitchen neatly and comfortably. The alternative is to use a cupboard or some deviation shelves placed on the wall.

Stone Wall Kitchen Design

The village kitchen also always uses a variety of natural materials in the manufacturing process. One of them is natural stone which is used as the wall of the room.

To make it seem more natural in this kitchen design, you can add wooden furniture. Besides being unique and interesting, this simple village-style kitchen design can also make the atmosphere more cool and comfortable.

Simple Kitchen with Wooden Shades

This kitchen design has a wooden nuance that uses a semi-open concept. Some parts of the walls are deliberately left open and facing the garden so as to give a cooler impression.

This kitchen is also very synonymous with the presence of wood elements. This can be seen in the floors, doors and guardrails which are all made of wood. At first glance it is very simple, but this kitchen design also looks unique and comfortable.

Modern Touch Wood Kitchen

The appearance of this kitchen is very interesting because it is dominated by wood elements. In addition to the walls and floors, the kitchen table is also made of wood as the material. This kitchen design model uses a combination of modern and traditional designs that can give a warm impression in the room.

Kitchen with Cor Counter

This kitchen design also looks unique and attractive with the presence of a wooden wall with gaps and is designed using an open concept. Sunlight and air can more freely enter the kitchen space through these gaps. So that in addition to being a decoration, it can also be an air vent.

Interestingly, this kitchen also uses a cast table which can make the kitchen atmosphere more natural. The indirect use of cast kitchen tables can also save more on the budget.

Simple Wooden Roof Kitchen

Similar to the previous design, this kitchen design also applies an open concept with a cast table. In the frame and roof also use wood so it looks unique. This is the main attraction of this simple village-style kitchen design.

Natural Stone Kitchen Countertop

In addition to cast tables, kitchen tables made of natural stone are also commonly found in simple kitchens in villages or villages. Models like this are also suitable when applied to urban home kitchens to create a natural impression that is both cool and warm. You can combine a stone table with wooden elements such as on the floor or wall so that the kitchen looks more natural.

Kitchen with White Ceramic

This simple kitchen model in this village or village carries a minimalist theme. It can be seen in the kitchen, which is wrapped in white by using several different elements and materials.

The kitchen counter in this kitchen is coated with white which looks in line with the floor tiles and kitchen wall paint. While the edges of the counter top and carpet are painted in white so that the kitchen will not look pale.

Simple Kitchen in Narrow Space

If you pay attention, maybe this simple kitchen design doesn't look like a village or village, but that doesn't mean you can't cheat. This design concept is perfect for a kitchen in a narrow house because it only uses a corner that has a size of 2 × 3 meters.

Even though this kitchen room is very narrow, you can still use it by using wall furniture so it doesn't take up a lot of space. You can also place bright lights and windows next to the kitchen so that the room feels more spacious.

Kitchen Next to the Garden

If you are currently looking for an open kitchen design, a design model like this can be used as inspiration. This kitchen is next to the garden and close to the window so it has maximum lighting. Besides looking very bright, it is also able to create the illusion of a much cleaner and wider room.

Air circulation in the kitchen space will also become smoother and can make you more comfortable when cooking. Another advantage that you can get if you use an open kitchen design is that the cooking smoke will certainly not enter the room of the house.

Chocolate Kitchen

If we have previously discussed some simple kitchen designs in villages or villages with shades of white, then there is nothing wrong with switching to another color. There are lots of other interesting colors to choose from, one of which is brown. The choice of brown color can be used as the most interesting idea for every room, especially the kitchen.

The brown color itself is classified as a soft and neutral color so it can be combined with a variety of other interesting colors. The combination also looks very smooth so that the kitchen will be far from being tacky or messy.

Wooden Kitchen with Backsplash

The appearance of the kitchen can be made beautiful by combining two important elements, namely wood and ceramics. This combination almost never fails and can make the kitchen look more aesthetic.

For wood elements, it can be used in kitchen cabinets, be it a kitchen counter or counter top. As for the ceramics, it will be seen on the backsplash which can add a unique accent in the kitchen room.

Those are some examples of simple kitchen design models in the village or village that we can share. Hopefully it can inspire.