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L Shape Sofa Design with Table

L Shape Sofa Design with Table

L Shape Sofa Design with Table - There's no sofa at home, it's not going to be fun. You see, where else is a place to sit comfortably and can be busy if not on the sofa? Starting from a place to sit watching television, receiving guests, to hanging out with family, it will be more comfortable if there is a sofa. No need to worry if your home area is limited, the space-saving L sofa model can be the ideal answer for a comfortable and space-saving seat.

You can place the L sofa in various rooms in your house. Whether it's in the family room, living room, or terrace of the house, the placement of the L sofa fits perfectly. The L sofa model is currently very diverse, even many are specially designed to be multifunctional so you can choose according to your taste and can be used for two different functions.

Below, Kania has prepared various models of L sofas that will be really fun to hang out with family and friends at home. Come on, let's see together!

Flexible Leather L Sofa

L sofa made of leather will make your home look more luxurious and elegant. You can place it in the living room or any room in your home. No less important, the leather L sofa is easier to clean and durable, you know! However, of course it must be accompanied by proper leather sofa care.

This black leather L sofa model with 3 seats has a standard shape, but the advantage is that the extension part of the sofa is very flexible so you can move it to the right or left side of the sofa. Just adjust it to the shape or concept of the room in your residence. To be sure, this L sofa is very comfortable to sit on and the underside is easy to clean because it is supported by supporting legs.

L sofa and table

The L sofa is very suitable to be used as furniture in a room with a Japanese or minimalist concept because of its space-saving nature and can fit quite a lot of people. However, it will save even more space if you choose a multifunctional L sofa where one part of the seat can turn into a guest table or coffee table.

For those of you who are interested in a multifunctional L sofa model like this, you can take a look at one of Ezma's products, namely the L Hansen sofa. The additional seat section of the L sofa is portable so it can be placed on the left or right side of the sofa. Not only that, the seat can also be used as a coffee table to entertain guests with snacks or drinks.

Uniquely, on one side of the arm of the L Hansen sofa from Ezma, it is also equipped with a small storage area made of cloth. You can put a tv remote or glasses there. This L sofa model is very multifunctional, right?

L Sofa Free for Stretching

In addition to hanging out, the L sofa is also suitable as a place for time, such as reading a book or taking a short break. At that moment, you may feel more comfortable if you are in a stretched position. The problem is, there are several models of L sofas that do not accommodate the length of an adult's leg so that it can be straightened optimally. Therefore, you need to look for an L sofa with adequate seat extension.

Well, one recommendation from Kania is the L Cloud 9 sofa from Livien, which is available in various colors, namely mocca, blue, and yellow. For those of you who want to look different and more cheerful, you can choose yellow.

But more importantly, this L sofa model has an additional seat that is long enough so it's perfect for straightening your legs when you're reading a book, drinking tea, or wanting to relax alone. Even when you are tired after coming home from work, you can immediately relax sitting on this L sofa!

Minimalist L Sofa with Super Soft Cushion

There are still quite a lot of people who feel that sitting on the L sofa is less comfortable because the sofa cushions are too thin and short. In fact, you can choose an L sofa which is equipped with large and soft cushions that make your sitting more comfortable to the maximum. The back will not feel sore.

The L sofa model with a large soft pillow back is perfect for relaxing and relieving fatigue. Of course, gathering with family will also be more exciting and memorable. You can use this super soft dark gray L sofa in a Scandinavian, Japanese, or minimalist concept room.

L Sofa as well as Storage

Ever imagined having a multifunctional L sofa to be used as a storage area too? For those of you who live in a house with a limited area, you must have thought about this space-saving furniture model. Actually, it's not a dream anymore because it already exists, how come manufacturers make L sofa models that can function as well as storage areas.

One of them is the L Luna sofa from Ananta. The bottom of the additional seat of this L sofa is storage that can be used to store various items. So, you don't need to add another storage box at home so that the condition of the room becomes more spacious and adequate.

This gray L sofa design from Ananta is also unique because there are accent lines that surround the end of the sofa surface. In addition, the model is very flexible because the seat with storage can be moved anywhere, including to the center as a simple guest table.

No need to hesitate to place the L sofa in your residence. If you are confused, just start tidying up and place the L sofa in one corner first. You and your family can sit comfortably, while this sofa model also doesn't take up too much space. This is a multifunctional furniture that is a “win-win solution”, especially for a small house with quite a lot of family members.

In addition to all the inspiration above, you can also find other interesting sofa models on Enrahe! Come on, just look for the sofa of your dreams at enrahe.com!