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How to Calm a Nagging Wife After Forgetting the Anniversary Date

How to Calm a Nagging Wife After Forgetting the Anniversary Date

Almost every husband must have accidentally forgotten the anniversary date. Even until the day changes, we don't even realize that yesterday was the wedding date.

The wife's hopes of celebrating an anniversary have been dashed like in the movies. In fact, the wife has given a code that wants to be given an anniversary gift from a long time ago. Never mind a gift, we just forgot to say "Happy anniversary".

The wife then became sullen and silent. Whatever we do, it will go wrong in the eyes of the wife. Surely the heart is not calm because it has disappointed the wife. So what should you do to make your wife happy again?

For husbands who accidentally forget to celebrate anniversary, here are things you can do to make up with your wife:

I am sorry

Not a few people think that forgetting the anniversary date is a trivial thing, so they don't feel the need to apologize. In fact, a wedding anniversary is an extraordinary milestone. Giving an anniversary gift can also be a form of expression of love for your beloved wife. So, apologize to your beloved wife for accidentally forgetting your wedding anniversary. Remember, one of the keys to a lasting marriage is admitting mistakes and apologizing.

Record in Calendar

Forgetting is a normal and human thing. Especially if you have a lot of work in the office. But so that your wife doesn't sulk anymore, you can write the anniversary date on your home calendar, or on your smartphone. Also set your smartphone calendar so you can give notifications from a long time ago. So you have plenty of time to look for gift inspiration.

Invite Candlelight Dinner

Almost every woman crave candlelight dinner with her partner. Candlelight dinner can melt the cold war with your wife again, due to forgetting the anniversary date. You can take your wife to a restaurant or hotel. But it doesn't have to be in a restaurant, candlelight dinner can also be done at home. Especially if you are good at cooking. You can try to cook your wife's favorite food. Then, turn the dining room into a romantic place. Also sprinkle flowers on the dining table and light candles.

Give an Unforgettable Gift

Talking about anniversary gifts, actually better late than never. But because it's late, it's a good idea to choose an unforgettable gift. No need to be confused, women's diamond jewelry can be an inspiration for a belted anniversary gift.

Eits, surely you immediately think about the price. It's romantic indeed, but the wife might get angry because the gift is too expensive. The problem is getting worse. Even if they can provide affordable jewelry, the wife becomes suspicious that the jewelry is a toy. Duh How is this?