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Home Design With Indoor Swimming Pool

Home Design With Indoor Swimming Pool

Home Design With Indoor Swimming Pool - Having a swimming pool at home, who doesn't want it, especially an indoor or indoor swimming pool. This swimming pool model has various advantages, ranging from comfort, privacy from the eyes of strangers and most importantly, no need to worry anymore about the weather when it is hot or rainy. But before building it, here are 9 recommendations for minimalist swimming pool designs in the house for you.

1. The minimalist design of the indoor swimming pool with symmetrical decorations of chandeliers, tables, chairs and wardrobe shelves, supported by the selection of wall paint and white lighting, makes the atmosphere of the pool room look very modern.

2. The swimming pool with all-white lighting makes the atmosphere bright and gives the impression of being spacious. So that air circulation remains smooth, install a glass door that can be opened and closed. As a complement add a sauna room and seating around the pool to relax.

3. Create a special indoor swimming pool atmosphere, with several partitions on the inside, as a beautiful separator.

4. If you want the indoor swimming pool to be an important part of your home, position it between the living room and the mezzanine towards the second floor. Add natural elements with wood applications in some parts of the room.

5. Take advantage of the space in the house as much as possible with the elongated swimming pool model. Also give a luxurious impression on the walls and pillars of the house using marble decorative stones.

6. Present a spacious but still comfortable indoor swimming pool atmosphere. Install sliding doors and a glass roof to create a spacious effect that will make you feel like swimming outdoors.

7. Give a warm and shady impression by using wooden elements on the swimming pool ceiling. Don't forget to add chairs by the pool to rest or just spend your free time.

8. Also pay attention to the game of lights in the indoor swimming pool, because it will affect your atmosphere when swimming or relaxing.

9. Make the corner of the pool as an arena to relax and unwind. Warm the atmosphere with wooden elements on the ceiling and walls. Don't forget to use a glass door that makes you feel comfortable breathing fresh air even from inside the house.

10. The atmosphere of the swimming pool as a private arena is more comfortable by building a wall and then providing a high window glass, so that your swimming activity is not visible from the outside.

Those are some minimalist swimming pool designs in the house. Swimming is getting more and more fun!