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Get to know Barbiecore, an Interior Design Trend Inspired by the Barbie Movie

Get to know Barbiecore, an Interior Design Trend Inspired by the Barbie Movie

For girls, Barbie doll may no longer be a foreign thing. Not just a toy, Barbie has become a popular animated film among children.

However, did you know that recently there has been an interior design trend inspired by Mattel's dolls?

It is Barbiecore, an interior and fashion trend that is gaining popularity and is largely inspired by the live-action Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig.

This trend is dominated by pink as well as all the shades of adjacent colors such as magenta, bright orange, and more subtle pastel pinks.

Etsy e-commerce trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson explains that the Barbiecore trend can be a mood-booster for those who love bright colors.

"The Barbiecore trend is a great opportunity to experiment with cute motifs such as hearts, flowers or doodles, to bring a touch of childhood nostalgia into your home," Dayna said as quoted by Ideal Home.

If you want to adopt the Barbiecore trend into your home, that doesn't mean you have to turn your home into a real replica of Barbie's dream home.

You can combine red on the walls with pink sofas, gold lamps, and wooden floors

Or for the design of the bedroom, you can add a soft interior to the room. Like the rosy pink bed, which is paired with brownish red to add a luxurious feel to your space.

But if you like the maximalist design, you can arrange the house like the design shown in the Barbie movie.