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Front Yard Design Without Grass

Front Yard Design Without Grass

Front Yard Design Without Grass - Sometimes you decide to 'remove' the garden to make more space available. However, the house will feel hotter and arid.

So, which one to choose? A little troublesome but shady or practical but arid? Just take the middle way, which is to make a garden without grass. Although it looks unique, the absence of grass is not accidental.

When the trees planted grow large, the grass will lack sunlight. As a result, the grass will wither.

Replace the withered grass with paving blocks or other materials such as gravel or natural stone so it doesn't look shabby.

Grass requires a lot of care to keep it from looking messy. When the grass has grown tall, it must be diligently trimmed to keep it neat.

With this new concept, the home page still looks beautiful and feels comfortable.

Especially if this garden is connected to the bedroom. Wake up, open the door, and step into the garden every day.

Hmm... So fresh.