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Best Color of House Interior

Best Color of House Interior

Best Color of House Interior - Color can complement the design concept and be a reference in presenting a comfortable residence.

The house paint color trend itself is very dynamic and changes quickly from time to time. Colors like white and cream are probably the most common for clean and neutral shades. But besides that, there are many color choices that can be explored further to match it with the concept of the house you want.

The number of paint color choices is often a difficult choice because it will determine what your home will look like over a certain period of time. For that in choosing paint colors, it takes a concept and careful thought so as not to regret it later.

Well, in this article, we will discuss some of the popular paint colors in 2023. The discussion will be divided into the following points:

15 House Paint Colors in 2023
  1. Light blue
  2. Charcoal Blue
  3. Very Peri
  4. Green
  5. Bright Yellow
  6. Lavender
  7. Neutral
  8. Shades of Pink
  9. Natural and Firm Moss Green
  10. Cheerful Orange
  11. Soft Clay
  12. Mushroom Elegant
  13. Energetic Coral
  14. Hazelnuts Are Timeless
  15. Rosy Hue with Main Lighting Effect
7 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color
  • Choose Your Favorite Color and Match Based on Color Palette
  • Decoration from Dark To Light Vertically
  • Starting from the Living Room, Dining Room, and Entryway
  • Use the 60-30-10 . Rule
  • Combine Warm and Cool Color Contrasts
  • Follow the Rule of Three
  • Show Your Personal Touch

15 Best Color of House Interior in 2023

For the paint color trend in 2023, so far it is dominated by a variety of refreshing blue and purple shades, green and yellow colors, as well as earth tones that give a warm impression to decorate the 2023 house paint trend. If you are planning to repaint the walls of your house, here are the following: paint color choices based on paint company recommendations and color experts in 2023.

1. Light Blue House Paint Color

By applying a light blue paint color that is identical to the sky or water, it will make the room feel cool and calm. Light blue is also a popular color in 2023. This color gives the impression of being cool, calm, and peaceful.

2. Charcoal Blue House Paint Color

Still in the blue color derivative, charcoal blue is also a trending color in 2023. The charcoal blue color will give a touch of elegance, calm, and modernity. Charcoal blue color is also suitable to be combined with white.

3. Very Fairy House Paint Color

For those of you who don't want to be outdated, you can also apply the very fairy color which is one of Pantone's Color of the Year 2023. The combination of periwinkle blue with beautiful undertone violet red or red purple, is the color of choice for Pantone Color of the Year which creates a dynamic feel.

4. Green House Paint Color

Green is always a popular paint color choice every year. This is because green is much preferred because of its calming color. In addition to pure green, you can also apply green derived colors, one of which is the olive color as shown above.

5. Bright Yellow House Paint Color

In recent years, the use of yellow is quite popular, especially among young family couples who like minimalist designs but want to give a bright impression. In addition to reflecting a youthful spirit, yellow can also have a broad effect in a room.

5. Lavender House Paint Color

Purple can be an option for those of you who like a feminine impression and like softness. Purple can also give a calm yet classy impression. You can apply purple in a private room such as a bedroom.

7. Neutral House Paint Colors

Neutral colors like white are colors that are always suitable to be applied in any room with whatever theme you want. Neutral colors are also easy to combine with other colors. In addition, you also don't have to bother choosing furniture, because neutral colors will match any type and color of furniture.

8. House Paint Color Shades of Pink

Many people associate this color with a color full of tenderness, kindness, nurturing, and affection. In addition, the color pink is also believed to be calming. In 2023, the shade of pink paint color is also still a popular paint color.

9. Natural and Firm Moss Green House Paint Color

This color reminds you of the forest, doesn't it? The character is strong but also gives the impression of a room that is comfortable and at one with nature. If you want to apply this color, choose the widest and brightest room so that the room feels spacious but not dark.

10. Cheerful Orange House Paint Color

A touch of bright orange in the room will make the atmosphere more cheerful and make the room feel more spacious. The orange color is also more attractive when combined with white furniture and natural materials.

11. Soft Clay House Paint Colors

This paint color has a variety of gradations, such as light brown, caramel, terracotta, cloves, to dark orange, all of which are not too dominant. These soft colors can give a relaxed and warm atmosphere. This color is also suitable as an accent wall color or room interior color.

12. Elegant Mushroom House Paint Color

This grayish brown color can be a choice of paint for your home. The impression remains neutral but not boring. For those of you who have a residential style or a spacious room, this warm mushroom color will give its own "class" to your residence.

13. Energetic Coral House Paint Color

If you like flashy colors and add a playful impression to the room, you can choose coral which is a light pink color with a slight mix of orange. Because the color is bright, it is better to apply it in a room such as a child's room or bedroom.

14. House Paint Color Hazelnut Timeless

The classic hazelnut color will be back in trend in 2023. The cream brown paint color applied to the room will give a warm feeling and can reflect light well into your room. This paint color is perfect for those of you who want to bring a classic mood in a minimalist concept home.

15. Rosy Hue House Paint Color with Main Lighting Effect

This calm pink color is believed to reflect an optimistic impression. You can combine it with any neutral color. If you want a fresh and modern home impression, color choices such as white, gray and beige can be an interesting combination.

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

So many beautiful and charming paint colors, huh? To make sure the color you choose matches your home style, taste, and aesthetic, there are a few tips that can help. Here are 7 tips that will help you choose the right paint color:

1. Choose Your Preferred Color and Blend Based On The Color Palette

Wouldn't you feel more at home if you were surrounded by your favorite colors? However, adjust the paint color to your taste. Combine these colors with the right color scheme to produce a captivating palette. For example, blue is better combined with white, beige, black, pink, etc.

2. Decoration from Dark To Light Vertically

If you are confused about choosing the right color combination for the floor, walls, and ceiling, remember to start from the darkest color at the bottom, to the lightest color for the top.

3. Starting from the Living Room, Dining Room, and Entryway

Start choosing colors in a formal area like the three rooms above. Then take one of the colors from the color scheme in the room for a more private room like a bedroom. Use a lighter or darker shade of color as a variation.

4. Use the 60-30-10 . Rule

Use a 60-30-10 ratio in dividing color components. Use the dominant color as much as 60% for the walls, the second color as much as 30% for example for a sofa or table, and the third color 10% as a decoration or accent.

5. Blend Warm and Cool Color Contrasts

Mix warm colors like beige, light yellow or pastel colors with cool tones like gray or blue. The room will look dynamic and not boring.

6. Follow the Rule of Three

Limit your choice of paint colors to no more than 3 for each room. More than that, the room will look too crowded and cramped. Do not forget to combine colors that match each other, yes.

7. Show Your Personal Touch

Design and decorate your home according to taste. Show your personality through the paint color you choose. So, everyone who sees can feel your personal touch in every room.

It's also fun, isn't it, looking for colors for your dream house? If you are planning to repaint the walls of your house, I hope the above information is useful and can help you determine the best paint color.