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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Wardrobe via Marketplace

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Wardrobe via Marketplace

A wardrobe is one of the must-have pieces of furniture at home. This furniture is very useful for storing clothes so they are not exposed to dust or dirt.

Wardrobe comes with so many models and sizes that can be adapted to the room. In addition, the wardrobe also comes with various materials, ranging from wood to plastic.

Choose a wardrobe carefully and carefully that can be adjusted to your needs.

Now, several online shopping platforms have provided several types of wardrobes to choose from. However, the many types and sizes of wardrobes often make some people confused.

Well, no need to worry anymore, because, you can follow seven tips on choosing a wardrobe that enrahe.com has summarized from several sources.

1. Pay attention to the material

The first thing to consider before choosing a wardrobe is the desired material. The materials used for the wardrobe are quite varied, ranging from wood to plastic.

Usually, a wardrobe that uses wood will have a fairly heavy weight, but it is more durable and long lasting. This advantage is what makes some people choose a wardrobe made of wood.

Not a few also like the plastic-based cabinets. Cabinets made of plastic are more efficient and have a light weight, making them easy to move around.

In addition, plastic cabinets are also not easily damaged or weathered and can last for a long time.

2. Size and weight

Paying attention to the size of the wardrobe to be purchased is also as important as the material of the wardrobe itself.

The size of the wardrobe will determine whether this wardrobe is suitable for storing various needs for clothes or goods.

In addition, the size of this wardrobe also affects whether it fits into the house or room and whether there is still excess free space in the house.

If you choose the wrong cupboard, it will be very useless to put it in the house because the cupboard is too big.

So, before buying, make sure in advance the size of the room where the cupboard is placed. You can measure it and then choose the appropriate wardrobe size.

In addition to size, you also need to consider the weight of the wardrobe. If you are a boarding house child or a worker who likes to move, it's a good idea to choose a lightweight wardrobe so that it is easy to move.

Not only that, the weight of the wardrobe also affects the shipping process. If you buy on an online shopping platform, of course the weight of the wardrobe will be included in the shipping costs which will later be charged to the buyer, especially if the distance is very far.

3. Check the contents of the cabinet bulkhead

Be sure to always check the contents of the closet, such as the partitions that will be given later or the parts used to hang clothes and items.

You need to make sure there are enough dividers or places to hang that can be adjusted to your needs.

Do not buy a wardrobe that has not too many partitions or only has stacked partitions.

Try to choose a wardrobe that has a special partition for hanging clothes. So, after the clothes are ironed neatly, the clothes can be hung immediately and will look neater.

4. Additional features

In addition to paying attention to the partitions in the closet, it is also necessary to pay attention to the additional features available.

Additional features vary, ranging from additional boxes on the inside to keys that are useful for storing valuables.

In addition, there are also other features that will make the wardrobe more functional. For example, a bulkhead that can be changed or shifted as needed. With this feature, you can more easily adjust the type of clothing that will be placed.

5. Wardrobe prices

Another important thing to know before buying a wardrobe is a price survey. A wardrobe with a price that is too high will certainly be troublesome if your budget is mediocre.

So, it's better to look for a wardrobe that fits your budget, so that transactions can be done immediately. You can also choose the installment option if the store or seller offers it.

6. Wardrobe brand

Paying attention to the brand of the wardrobe to be purchased is no less important. The brands of wardrobes are quite varied, ranging from large, medium, to small.

Famous brands usually have good quality and are used by many people. However, it never hurts to do research to find out the best brands at affordable prices.

One way to see if the cabinet has good quality is through reviews or reviews from consumers who have bought or used the cabinet.

If many people give a positive response, you can be sure that the quality of the wardrobe is good. So a wardrobe from that brand can be a consideration to buy.

7. Ease of delivery

The process of sending a wardrobe is certainly different when compared to sending other items, such as shoes or bags.

The process of shipping a wardrobe is certainly different from the delivery of accessories or knick-knacks that are easy to wrap. Delivery of cabinets is carried out in different ways.

One of them is the delivery of the whole form or per component which can later be arranged by yourself when you get home.

That is why it is recommended to choose a cabinet delivery place from a location that is not too far from home, so that the delivery process can run more easily and save on shipping costs (postage), because cabinets usually have a heavier load.

Now, several online shopping platforms have provided wardrobes that can be purchased online. However, not a few claim to be bothered if they have to buy a wardrobe through an online shopping platform.

As for what is considered, some people are reluctant to buy online because the postage burden has soared higher.

But, you dont have to worry. Because, now there is an online shopping platform that provides cheap and free shipping. This platform is Blibli.

All products sold at Blibli, such as wardrobes, come at affordable prices and are equipped with various attractive promos and free shipping.