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7 Small Bedroom Layout Ideas to Maximize Your Space

7 Small Bedroom Layout Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Are you getting bored with the same small bedroom arrangement? Maybe, it's time for you to start making new changes in your bedroom. Starting from changing the layout of your small bedroom. We've put together 7 small bedroom ideas below that will help you have a new bedroom look.

For you, here are 7 Small Bedroom Layout Ideas to Maximize Your Space.

Layout of a small bedroom with a bed in the middle

Instead of placing the side of the bed facing a window or adjacent wall, place the bed in the middle of the main wall. This arrangement will help your bedroom flow more. You can also move, either to the left, right, or in front of your bed.

Make the center of the bedroom stand out by placing a rug just under the bed. This rug will help increase the visual appeal and make the room feel warmer.

Don't block the sun!

Avoid placing large furniture near the window area. Large furniture will block the sunlight from entering and light up your small bedroom. While more sunlight will give the illusion of a wider and airy space. Occasionally open the bedroom window, so that the breeze can make your bedroom fresher.

Small bedroom with sleek furniture design

Small bedrooms are better to use slim furniture. Sleek furniture tends to save space, allowing you to include more of the features you want in your bedroom. Instead of a large wardrobe, you can choose a compact two-door wardrobe like this one. Place this sleek piece of furniture against the wall, so you'll get more space.

Better Layout Precision

Our eyes prefer balance. You can arrange the bedroom with a more precise layout. Place a pair of nightstands on either side of the bed. Two wall hangings placed close together. Not to forget, two wardrobes and storage shelves right in front of the bed. Balance will make the bedroom more perfect.

Add a touch of green

Green is believed to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can give a touch of green to your small bedroom. Apply it on one wall with a soft and refreshing mint green color. Also put some green plants in the corners of the bedroom. Instead of putting all the plants on the floor, you can put plants on windowsills, small tables, and floating shelves like in the picture above.

L-shaped wardrobe to store more clothes

The best bedroom layout is one that fits the size of the room, your habits, and the things you store. If you tend to have more clothes to store, it is better to choose an L-shaped wardrobe like this one. You can store more clothes and items there. The position of the closet close to the wall is also very fitting, so you don't run out of space anymore.

Bedroom and Home Office

You can set up a work station in your bedroom. Create a work zone near a window to draw in natural light. Place your desk some distance from the main door to help you focus more and increase productivity. You can get indoor plants around your bed and work station to give it a fresher and better feel.

Hopefully 7 Small Bedroom Arrangement Ideas to Maximize Your Space are useful for those of you who are looking for ideas and inspiration about small bedroom design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Article Source: Helloshabby.com