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5 Minimalist Bedroom Design Inspirations for Girls: Comfort Makes Good Mood

5 Minimalist Bedroom Design Inspirations for Girls: Comfort Makes Good Mood

Every woman always likes different aesthetic things, including her bedroom.

Because it looks nice and comfortable, it can make it more comfortable in the bedroom than staying at a friend's house or boarding house.

Continue reading this article to see inspiration for a minimalist bedroom design that is suitable for a narrow room for girls.

A comfortable bedroom can create a comfortable mood and create a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

No need to be confused with a minimalist bedroom design, because Enrahe summarizes it for you.

Here are some suitable and beautiful room design inspirations that you can use in your home as follows:

1. Lucite

Lucite or solid transparent materials can be an option to decorate a narrow room, you know.

Furniture made of this material can create a sense of spaciousness in a room with limited space.

The combination of transparent furniture with white walls is able to create an elegant and comfortable impression.

As an alternative, you can also mix and match soil colors for bed linen and curtains. Adding night lights and vases can give the room an elegant impression.

2. Squeeze an Office

Those of you who do not have free space in the bedroom but want a bedside table, can choose to design a table.

In this minimalist bedroom design, you can choose patterned sheets and curtains to highlight it.

For the walls, make sure to choose white to make it more neutral and give the room a broad impression.

The choice of windows and the location of the bed for this bedroom design must also be taken into account.

In this design, the bed is placed close to the window to create a feeling of space.

3. Greenhouse Room

This minimalist bedroom design with the greenhouse idea can be applied to unused rooms in your home.

Contemporary striped bed linen combined with cream-painted walls and paper pendants add a touch of interest to this little nook.

You can also choose fiberglass ceilings on several sides, to give the room an airy feel.

4. Classic Design

Classic minimalist bedroom designs can also be an option. The combination of colors and floral motifs can create a pleasant impression in your small room.

Orange electric curtains, dark green rugs, yellow nightstands, and purple plaid linens create a bold medieval atmosphere.

For those of you who like antique nuances, it will be very appropriate to choose this small room design.

5. Tranquil White Bedroom

For those of you who like simple and elegant concepts, white designs can be an option.
In this design, you have to remove the headboard and choose a wardrobe or hanging rack so it doesn't take up too much space.

In addition, the choice of color for bed linen and walls must also be considered. Make sure to choose earth colors or monochrome to give the impression of a small room, yes.

Now that's a minimalist bedroom design for girls that you might be able to apply or use for room renovations to make it more attractive, comfortable and elegant. May be useful.