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20 Minimalist 3×3 Kitchen Design Ideas That Look Luxurious

20 Minimalist 3×3 Kitchen Design Ideas That Look Luxurious

Are the Ruppers confused about setting up a small kitchen at home? If so, there's no need to worry because we will provide some inspiration for a minimalist kitchen design with a 3×3 size that looks beautiful and luxurious.

Minimalist and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are looking for some references for the modern minimalist kitchen that is becoming a trend, we have the inspiration as follows.

1. L Shaped Kitchen Style

This 3×3 minimalist kitchen has a shape like the letter L. Besides being able to maximize space and create more storage area, this design also looks cute and elegant.

2. Minimalist U-Shaped Kitchen Model

You can apply a minimalist kitchen design with a U pattern to get more storage space. This U-shaped design can also make air circulation in the cooking area better.

3. Industrial-Style Minimalist Kitchen

You can use a simple, industrial-style minimalist kitchen concept. Just use black furniture and red brick walls as part of the interior. You can also use furniture with metal elements to give the impression of luxury.

4. Scandinavian-style 3×3 Minimalist Kitchen Design

One of the minimalist kitchen styles that you can use is Scandinavian. It is enough to use a simple white kitchen set and a chandelier as a decoration as well as being a focal point.

5. Minimalist Kitchen Ideas Colorful

Not only plain, the minimalist concept also looks cute when using kitchen furniture in many colors and motifs. You can combine a white cabinet and a wooden kitchen table like the picture above to give a minimalist accent

6. Compact and Bright Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

To make a small kitchen look big, you need to make sure there is bright enough lighting, both from lights and the reflection of sunlight from the window. You can use a white kitchen set and complete it with a matching bar table.

7. Create a Minimalist Kitchen with Gray Shades

Not only bright colors, you can also use a simple minimalist kitchen, but still luxurious with shades of gray.

In order not to be flat, combine it with white and gold furniture. You can also use a chandelier to make the kitchen look modern.

8. Simple Minimalist Kitchen with Wood Combination

Wood elements and white are the right combination of two elements that can produce a minimalist look. Kitchens with wood elements also feel warmer, more natural, and blend with nature.

9. Minimalist but Luxurious Kitchen Design with Marble

This beautiful gray threaded marble kitchen not only makes the kitchen seem minimalist, but can give an elegant accent to the room. In addition to white materials, you can use other palettes such as black.

10. Kitchen with Skylights

Lighting is one of the keys to a minimalist kitchen design. You can make skylights so that the kitchen lighting becomes more leverage. Natural lighting can also reduce humidity in the kitchen.

11. Monochrome Kitchen Style

Monochrome or black and white can also be applied to a minimalist kitchen. Not only functional, but also visually appealing. In order not to seem too dark, you can use a chandelier or other lighting.

12. All-White Kitchen

The minimalist concept is identical to the plain white color. The use of white can make a minimalist kitchen with a size of 3×3 seem wider, clean, and tidy.

13. Kitchen with Neutral Colors, But Still Elegant

Who says dark colors are boring? You can follow this one kitchen style that uses a combination of black, brown and white furniture. These three colors can give an elegant impression in a minimalist kitchen.

14. Blush Green Kitchen Style

The atmosphere of cooking can be more enjoyable if there is a fresh touch in the kitchen. One way is to apply green paint on one side of the wall. On the other hand, you can use wallpaper with a leaf pattern.

15. Pastel All-in-One Kitchen

Who doesn't fall in love with pastel colors? This soft and soothing color can make a room feel lighter. You can use pastel brown wall paint to give a luxurious touch in the kitchen.

16. Kitchen Style Back To Nature

Really excited about the kitchen concept above, right? The muted green color combined with white can bring a pleasant atmosphere. Well, if you have a minimalist kitchen like this, surely the atmosphere of eating with your family will be more fun.

17. Minimalist Kitchen with a Touch of Natural Stone

Apparently, the combination of nature and modern is no less exciting. It can actually make the room more attractive. By combining natural materials and a white kitchen set, the dining room and kitchen will feel more spacious.

18. 'Be Bold' Kitchen Style

Use colors that stand out more to create the impression of luxury, like the image above. The combination of red, white, black, and gray can give an elegant impression in the home kitchen.

19. Modern Minimalist Kitchen Style with Light Green Paint

To make the kitchen more beautiful and bright, you can use light green wall paint like the picture above. Add a white cabinet to give a wider impression.

20. Polka-dot Style Kitchen

For those of you who like polka dots, you can apply it using a backsplash near the kitchen table. As for the cabinets and cupboards, you can use white.