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17 Open and Simple Small Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

17 Open and Simple Small Kitchen Designs for Minimalist Homes

The design of a room with an open concept or open space is a trend among the public. The concept of open space itself has actually existed since 1960. This open concept is often an option for homes that do not have a large size. This concept has other benefits such as increasing interaction between family members and saving a lot of costs.

The open concept can also make the air circulation in your home better. Good air circulation certainly needs to be maintained, especially in the kitchen area which often feels hot and stuffy due to the smoke from the fire when cooking. Therefore, in this article we will tell you some small open kitchen designs or you can call them simple kitchen designs.

17 Open and Simple Small Kitchen Design Inspirations

Here are some open and simple small kitchen designs for you:

1. Open Kitchen Design with Garden

You can design a kitchen that is directly connected to the garden in the middle of your house. Using a kitchen design like this will give the impression of being spacious and fresh, because of the presence of plants that make the air circulation in the house healthier.

You can use barriers such as rattan curtains to separate the garden from the kitchen when needed.

2. Kitchen Design Using Glass

A small kitchen design with glass will also make the room feel more spacious. There will also be more light entering the kitchen, so the room will feel brighter.

There are two ways to install glass, namely glass that is permanently attached to the wall and glass that is useful as a sliding door or sliding door. Using glass as a sliding door or sliding door will allow you to maximize the space and function of glass as a barrier when needed.

3. Kitchen Design with Island

The small and simple kitchen design is perfect for an island table or island table. The use of a wide island table can be used for various activities while in the kitchen and as a place for your family to eat.

That way you save additional space for a wider kitchen space, because additional chairs and a dining table are no longer needed. The most suitable material to be used as an island table is marble or wood ceramics. These two materials will make your kitchen look elegant and luxurious.

4. Modern Themed Kitchen Design

A kitchen with a modern small open kitchen design, which is a neutral nuance combined with a color combination of equipment and furniture in the kitchen, will make you feel at home for long in the kitchen. A modern theme that remains focused on a minimalist design will make your kitchen feel clean and spacious.

5. Kitchen Design with Unique Ceramic Backsplash

The next small open and simple kitchen design is to use a ceramic backsplash to give an interesting and unique design touch. Choose the right and unique color and shape of ceramics so that your kitchen looks aesthetic but still feels simple. The addition of ceramics on the kitchen wall will be an additional point in the feel of your kitchen.

6. Functional Kitchen Design

In addition to all the designs above, in choosing a small kitchen design, you must make everything in the kitchen has a double function.

You can design a storage area for kitchen items with built-in furniture or with custom furniture that you have adjusted to the space in your kitchen. That way every inch of your kitchen can be maximized properly.

7. Neat Open Minimalist Kitchen Design

Although it looks small, this minimalist open kitchen design is neatly designed so that it will look beautiful and attractive. The expanse of rocks in the open backyard of the house will give a unique impression.

This small open kitchen design is very suitable to be applied to a simple minimalist home interior because the kitchen can be directly connected to the garden behind the house. House type 36/60 is very suitable to apply this design.

8. Kitchen Design with Bamboo Curtains

It still has something to do with the backyard. An open and simple kitchen design will be more attractive with curtains. Yes, bamboo curtains.

You can use the bamboo curtain as a barrier between the kitchen and the back garden.

If the weather is sunny, you can roll up the curtains and if it rains you can lower them for protection. Interesting right?

9. White Kitchen Design with Transparent Roof

If you want natural air circulation settings in the kitchen, then this type of small open kitchen design is the right choice.

In addition, the white color used in the interior of this kitchen can make the room look wider and brighter. Another idea, you can integrate this kitchen area with the dining room so that it becomes more practical.

10. Kitchen Design Integrates with Laundry Room

The design of a small open kitchen and a dishwasher combined with a laundry room, can be one way to maximize the available space.

This is an interesting idea because you can wash or dry clothes in the backyard while waiting for your food to cook.

Another advantage of this small open kitchen design is that it is suitable for narrow dwellings. In addition, this design concept can be used for apartment rooms that are also not too wide.

11. Open Kitchen Designs Facing the Garden

The concept of a simple open kitchen overlooking the garden can be your choice of design, especially if you like outdoor activities.

Some of the advantages of applying this design are getting good air circulation and of course having a kitchen with a wide view. An open kitchen facing the garden can be designed with a glass door as a partition between the kitchen and the garden.

It's tempting to step outside and enjoy this part of the garden. One thing is for sure, when eating outdoors, you can still enjoy it.

12. Semi Outdoor Kitchen Design

This open kitchen design deserves to be an option if you are looking for a kitchen model that has good lighting.

The kitchen area is still bright but not dazzling because the entire wall is not fully exposed. This is because there is a wall that protects it (semi-open).

You will also feel the coolness in the kitchen while cooking, you only need to open the door so that the air circulation can be replaced with outside air.

13. Kitchen Design as a Relaxing Place

In addition to the kitchen and dining room, it turns out that the design of this room can also be used as a room to relax.

Moreover, the kitchen that has a garden on the left and right will create a room that feels cool and comfortable. Therefore, this room which is close to greenery can also be used as a family relaxing room.

14. Monochrome Kitchen Design

If you have an elongated vacant land, this small open kitchen design option is suitable for you to apply. This design is connected with the terrace area of ​​the house, making it feel comfortable.

15. Open Kitchen Design with Lighting

This kitchen design will give a warm and comfortable impression. A warm impression is created because of the addition of a chandelier to illuminate the room.

Furthermore, you can also complete the side wall with a window that folds when it is opened to see the outdoor area in the form of a small fish pond.

This design choice will be perfect for those of you who don't have much space in the house.

16. Natural Small Kitchen Design

Even though your kitchen is small or minimalist, you still apply a design with a natural concept.

This simple kitchen design is dominated by bright colors, such as white without excessive decorations.

In order to maximize the cool natural atmosphere, you can put flowers or ornamental plants in the kitchen.

17. Kitchen Design That Blends With the Pool Area

The last simple open kitchen design is a kitchen that blends with the swimming pool. This design does not have a dining area.

This one kitchen was built by blending with the outdoor area, combining the beauty of the dining room arrangement with a kitchen that is dominant in beige color and an outdoor area that blends without being partitioned.

Those are some examples of open and simple small kitchen designs that you can use as inspiration. Keep in mind that all of the kitchen designs listed above must be equipped with a selection of furniture that is also multifunctional. Not only in the kitchen, but also in other rooms in your home.