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12 Photos of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's House in Bali

12 Photos of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's House in Bali

Having had a long career at the Bali United football club, Irfan Bachdim and his family chose to stay in Bali. Currently he and his wife, Jennifer Bachdim and their children live and live their daily lives in Bali.

On social media, you can often see several sides of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house in Bali with white and minimalist nuances. As seen on Jessica Iskandar's youtube channel when she visited her house.

This time Enrahe.com summarizes 12 photos of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house in Bali that are minimalist and white in color. Let's listen, Ma'am!

1. The exterior of the house of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim

The outside of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house looks minimalist. The front wall of the house is made of gray color with natural stone motifs.

The presence of trees in front of the house, adds to the beautiful atmosphere that is very synonymous with Bali.

2. Simple design living room

The living room of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house has a simple design. The white sofa and table in the living room match the wall paint color, this makes the living room seem wider.

From this living room, you can also see the stairs leading to the second floor of the house which has a unique design.

3. Minimalist kitchen

Not too many items are visible, making this kitchen neat and clean. In addition to utensils for cooking, in this kitchen there is also a dining table.

This kitchen has an open concept that does not have a room divider between the surrounding space, namely the living room.

4. Relaxing room with sofa

Not only in the living room, on the side of the house opposite the kitchen there is also a fairly large sofa. This sofa has a bright color that matches the concept of the living room.

In this room, sunlight can enter the house, and can be used as a gathering place for family.

5. Black and white family photo decoration

In the living room, there are room decorations that attract attention. There is a wall display in the form of a large family photo of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim.

This photo has a black and white color so it fits perfectly with the sofa and wall paint and adds a minimalist impression to the living room.

6. There is a TV in the family room

On the front side of the kitchen, there is a sofa that can be used for family gatherings. Not only that, this room can also be used to watch television.

In addition to television, in this room there are also toys for Jennifer and Irfan's children on the table.

7. Multifunctional living room

Jennifer often shares moments when she exercises at home. As uploaded on his Instagram social media, Irfan Bachdim's wife is exercising in her living room.

It turns out that not only to receive guests, this room can also be used for various other activities.

8. Office in the corner

On the second floor of his house, there is a side room that is used as an office. This office is located in the corner of the room which is equipped with chairs and a work desk and a sofa with a unique shape.

In his office there is a window that can directly see the atmosphere outside his house, this makes the atmosphere in this room look very comfortable.

9. Room with a touch of earth tone color

Still has a simple design, this room has a slightly different color theme from the previous room. If in the living room the dominant color is white, in this room there is a touch of earth tone colors such as brown and beige.

This room is very comfortable with a minimalist atmosphere and bright natural lighting.

10. Minimalist concept children's room

Not only Jennifer and Irfan's room, the child's room was made with the same design and concept. Namely by using white and light brown.

If usually children's rooms often have many striking colors, but this room does not have many colors and is very elegant and comfortable to look at.

11, There is a decoration shelf in the front room

After entering Jennifer and Irfan's house, there is a little hallway before heading to the living room. On this side there is a mirror and also some room decorations.

The decoration of this room is in the form of several pottery arranged on white shelves which add a sweet impression to the house.

12. Unique lamp decoration

Not only pottery in the front room, in the living room of this house there is also a chandelier decoration with a unique design. This white round lamp looks very iconic.

Even so, this decoration is very compatible with the concept of the room at Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house.

So, those are 12 photos of Jennifer and Irfan Bachdim's house in Bali that are minimalist and white. Hopefully this article can provide inspiration yes!