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12 Minimalist Swimming Pool Design Inspirations for Modern Homes

12 Minimalist Swimming Pool Design Inspirations for Modern Homes

Want a modern swimming pool design, but the land in the house is narrow? Check out the list of minimalist pool design inspiration below!

Swimming Pool Design – Warm weather and fresh air will definitely make you want to relax as a routine to pamper yourself. One way that you can do is to relax in the swimming pool and enjoy the cold water in the scorching sun.

However, what if the land behind the house turns out to be limited in space to build a swimming pool? Well, don't let limited land stop you from wanting to make a modern and trendy swimming pool.

There are many ways and alternatives that can be done to bring a relaxed feel. Here's a small, minimalist and beautiful swimming pool design inspiration for those who dream of the most comfortable swimming pool at home!

Minimalist Pond Design in Narrow Land

1. Above-Ground Pool

For those of you who have a house with a backyard and feel lazy to dig the ground for your swimming pool, then the solution that can be done is to build an above-ground pool.

The advantage is that there is no need to bother digging and can be built according to available and desired sizes. Such as the height of the swimming pool which is adjusted to the size of the wood or any material used.

This swimming pool is also flexible and portable, because it can be moved according to your needs.

2. Indoor Pool

This option is for Toppers who do not have a backyard but have a large enough room in the house. This option is also suitable for those of you who want to relax without being exposed to the sun.

Designs that are suitable for indoor are usually simpler, geometric, and don't have many additional elements such as rocks, grass, and so on.

3. Lap Pool

For those of you who have a narrow but long area, don't worry, because the lap pool is a design choice that suits the size of your backyard. This model swimming pool is used for health and fitness which is usually rectangular in size with a width that tends to be small.

Well, if you want to design a swimming pool in a narrow area like this, the best way is to place it parallel to your house, right on the wall or fence.

4. Natural Pool

Well, if this model is based on natural, where can you do self-cleaning. This natural pool is a private underground pool, designed in a freestyle or country style.

The hallmark of the natural pool design is that it is equipped with large stones and waterfalls, or it can be a supporter of modern architecture according to taste. The term "swimming pond" used in Europe is inspired because it doesn't look like an ordinary chlorinated swimming pool.

The friendly bacteria found in the pool function as an additional biological filter, unlike ordinary artificial swimming pools which tend to be cloudy due to groundwater runoff.

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5. Plunge Pool

This swimming pool model is suitable for those of you who just want to relax and relax without much movement in the pool. In addition, this swimming pool model is perfect for those of you who have narrow land because it doesn't require a lot of room.

The price of the plunge pool is also efficient, because of its small volume and diameter, so it does not require a lot of labor and materials.

6. Spool

This swimming pool design is a combination of spa + pool. The spool swimming pool design is suitable for limited land, because this model does not take up much space. Spool swimming pools usually have chair facilities and supporting features for relaxation.

Coupled with the hot water feature, you can also relax at night without feeling cold. Imagine, you can relax in this type of swimming pool after a tired day of activities or work.

7. Kids Pool

For those of you who have children, the narrow land can be used to build a swimming pool for children. The size of a children's pool does not require a large pool of space and volume, so the construction cost is much more efficient.

8. Freeform Pool

This option is also right for those of you who have limited space, because it has a free form, so it can be adjusted to the size of the land behind your house. The form can also be more flexible and optimize the existing land.

You can also beautify the appearance of this swimming pool with additional decorative plant decorations, garden lights, and so on to make it look more beautiful.

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9. Rectangular Pool

For those of you who don't want to be complicated and have a limited budget, then a rectangular pool is the right choice for you. A little form and material does not cost a lot to build this swimming pool.

Just like a lap pool, this swimming pool is rectangular in shape, and the only difference is that the width of the lap pool tends to be smaller, because it is used for exercise.

10. Circular Pool

Just like a rectangular pool, a circular pool is not complicated and does not require high costs because of its simple form and does not require a lot of cost and variety to build this swimming pool.

Because it is circular on a small area, there is not much room for swimming in this swimming pool.

11. Petite Infinity Pool

If your land is on a slope or cliff, then you can take advantage of it by creating the illusion of a larger swimming pool using the petite infinity pool design.

You can build a swimming pool design like this with your small backyard, of course, by hiring a professional swimming pool builder.

12. Garden-side Pool

With the free-form pool design and natural elements in your backyard, you can make this design great without dismantling your garden.

When not in use, this swimming pool can also look beautiful like a water pool or small lake of your own making.

Even though you have a small area, don't let it be a barrier for those of you who want to be creative in creating their own swimming pool at home. Many things you can do from your small land and swimming pool.