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How to Refinish a Wooden Table

How to Refinish a Wooden Table

How to Refinish a Wooden Table - Using wood polishing poles gives the wood a more attractive appearance. Various wooden furniture that uses a glossy material will look more luxurious.

Do you want to get a shiny wood, be it on furniture or floors? If so, then you are in the right article. It will be very easy for you to get a wood polish that makes the shiny wood last longer.

There are so many products on offer but your job is to find one that is truly quality and doesn't disappoint. If you have got it then it will be very easy to do maintenance on all wooden objects in your home.

Recommended Wood Polishing Poles

Then what is the name of the product used to polish this wood? You can use Biopolish Beeswax products. This product will polish all wooden objects such as furniture to tableware made of wood.

Is it not dangerous to use wooden poles on tableware? Wouldn't hot food be consumed? Take it easy because you will know this product is really high quality.

Biopiolish Beeswax is a wood polishing product without causing food contamination. You can use it on cutlery once a month. The ingredients of this product come from beeswax which is safe and food safe. You can get it easily without having to worry about poisoning.

Unlike other conventional wax products, this Biopolish beeswax product is very safe to use for children's toys made of wood. given from within after being applied to unfinished wood will be very effective and will not disappoint Protection.

Now want to know what are the advantages that will be given and how you can maximize the treatment of wood at home to make it more shiny and durable? In this article you will find the answer.

Caring for Wood Furniture that You Must Pay Attention to

You should not skip the maintenance of wooden objects such as furniture in your home. What's in the unfinished furniture. So Biopolish Beeswax has an important role and should not be missed. As a wood treatment, Biopolish Beeswax has an easy way to process its application by simply polishing it. Rub all over the surface of the wooden object using a clean, soft cotton cloth.

If you want maximum results, apply thinly and evenly to the entire surface of the wood. Excessive use on wood surfaces will actually create mold and even invite termites. So while you apply it thinly, you will also save costs because it is not wasteful to use.

You can apply these wood poles in the direction of the wood grain or twist. Make sure while pressing during the application process so that this material is easier to protect and make the wood shine. The application of Biopolish Beeswax is not limited to just one type of wood. You can apply it to various types of wood, even to wood that has been finished.

If you have wooden furniture that has been finished using varnish or varnish, the application of Biopolish Beeswax will actually make it look more shiny. If application to unfinished wood will provide protection from within the wood then application over a coat of varnish will provide protection from the outside.

You will get wood that is not slippery and has a glossy appearance that looks like new furniture. If used on hardwood floors, Biopolish Beeswax will strengthen the polyurethane coating to make it stronger against heat and even against scratches. You can use it regularly if you want maximum results.

Secrets of Glossy Wood Care

In addition to routinely applying wood polishing products from Biopolish Beeswax, there are other wood treatments that should not be forgotten either. Be it wooden floors or furniture you should keep them clean in the following ways:

Do not use cheap household cleaners or with ammonia

Although price does not guarantee quality, usually the cheapest furniture cleaning agents on the market can cause damage to your wooden furniture. Usually contains chemicals that are harmful to wood such as the presence of ammonia.

The use of cleaning agents or furniture polishes that contain ammonia will cause long-term damage to the wood surface. So, as much as possible you should avoid products with these ingredients.

Prioritize the wood and its finishing before you clean it

Wood has different types and variations, especially if it has been finished into furniture with various styles that are carried. It is important to know the type of wood used and how to care for it.

You can ask for advice or opinions from professionals such as carpenters, architects, or other competent people. Performing maintenance on the finished furniture is also something important. Therefore, make sure you know about the ins and outs of the wood in the furniture you have.

Keep your wooden chair out of the sun

Remember that as a general rule, direct sunlight is not great for all types of furniture, paintings or photographs. It is always optimal for the items to be out of direct sunlight and in a stable condition.

Use trellises or curtains on windows if necessary, but all you have to do is make sure that the sun isn't directly on the furniture. Because UV rays can cause damage to the wood surface very quickly and directly.

Temperature and humidity

Adjust the humidity and temperature in the room where you put the furniture. Humidity that is too high will make it easier for furniture to become moldy. Meanwhile, if it is too hot, usually there will be stains left on the surface of the furniture such as burning.

Temperature and humidity are very important to care for your wooden furniture. It's hard to expect furniture to always look good and last. Wood can expand and absorb moisture, over a period of time this excess can cause cracks.

Use simple maintenance methods to prevent long-term damage to furniture

Pay attention to the parts of the furniture that are not visible as well, because generally this part is often overlooked. This is the beginning of furniture damage that will eventually spread. You can do maintenance on furniture by using simple materials at home.

One way is to use lemon oil and olive oil. Both of these materials if most people believe can be a good polishing material. However, if you want to take care of your furniture in an easier way, you should use furniture care products such as Biopolish Beeswax. Furniture will look well-groomed and shiny with easy maintenance.

Caring for wooden furniture is actually not too difficult if you keep it simple and organized. Certain classic appeal wood furniture made is still loved by many. That is why wooden furniture is still preferred over metal furniture which requires more complicated maintenance.