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15 Simple Minimalist House Designs, But Still Modern, Latest 2023

15 Simple Minimalist House Designs, But Still Modern, Latest 2023

Minimalist home design is a house that prioritizes essential things. Apparently, there are many choices of 2023 minimalist home design examples that can be your reference.

Currently, minimalist home designs that simplify the shape of the house have become a modern lifestyle. Quoted from The Spruce page, the characteristics or characteristics of a minimalist home design are that every building, object, interior design cannot be separated from its core function.

The visual style of minimalist home design can be influenced by the history of architecture, interiors, art, graphics, fashion, and other design aspects.

Minimalist homes tend to be built with limited materials, neutral colors, and simple shapes to achieve pure elegance.

Minimalist home designs are currently being favored by house hunters, especially newly married millennial couples. Well, here is an inspirational example of a simple and modern minimalist home design that can be a reference for you!

15 Simple Minimalist House Designs But Still Modern

1. Examples of Minimalist Home Designs with Wood Ornaments

This minimalist design house is suitable for a family of 4 people. This minimalist house uses wood elements. The floor is ornately the same for the whole house, incorporating white, to create a larger room.

2. Example of a 2-storey minimalist house design

This house can be an inspiration for a minimalist modern home design on limited land. This 2-storey house stands firmly in a narrow alley and looks simple from the outside. Even so, in the area of ​​​​the house there is also an open space that connects the rooms in it.

3. Examples of Mezzanine Concept Minimalist House Designs

This minimalist design house consists of 3 floors, with mezzanine and rooftop models. The first floor is used as a kitchen and dining room that is made together. This minimalist house stands on 50 meters of land, with a comfortable interior.

4. Examples of Minimalist House Designs in the Village

This minimalist home design was created by the main architect Niranjan C Warrier. This 2-storey house has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a room for worship. The material is made of second class interlocking mud blocks, with a concrete roof.

5. Examples of Modern Minimalist Home Designs

This minimalist reference example of a square-shaped house stands on a large plot of land, which is emphasized with small turns, to maintain the outline of the built area. This house building is comfortable to use and functional.

There is a division of space into four functional zones, such as living zone (kitchen, dining room, and living room), sleeping-rest zone (master bedroom with wardrobe and batch, 2 bedrooms for children), SPA zone (Jacuzzi and recreation room, sauna, WC and shower), garage and utility room zone. These zones are connected by extensive corridors and open-type interior courtyards.

6. Examples of Spring Tent Minimalist Home Designs

This summer minimalist home design is located in Vaana-Joesuu. This house seems to have a basic pattern such as a tepee or a steep slope. The shape is like a minimalist tent, which was often used in cottage architecture in the area in the 1970s. The house seems to blend with the surrounding environment.

7. Examples of Minimalist Home Design with Dark Interior Nuances

The house was designed by Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates. This cylindrical house, refers to the beehive kilns in America, and resembles the British bottle kilns.

At first glance, this house in the Serpentine Gates Pavilion reveals parallels to Ando's religious structure. Paneled walls made of plywood, painted to form a dark interior, lit only by the oculus and a doorway nearly ten meters high.

8. Examples of Aesthetic Minimalist Home Designs

This minimalist house is the work of Minimalist Architecture & Design Studio. In terms of the concept of the house, the architect considered the desire of the homeowner to build a natural feel, in the middle of a green courtyard.

The building planes produce clear aesthetic and sensory consequences, with colors between butch and brutal grays on the exterior, and subtle, sophisticated white tones visible on the interior.

9. Examples of 2-storey minimalist house designs on limited land

This house is the work of Japanese architects named Muryana and Kato. The architects added a half-moon-shaped "margin", to expand the line connecting the "house" on the North side and the "garden" on the South side. Margin is a form of extension that is less than 10㎡, with only a maximum width of 1.2 m.

10. Examples of Minimalist Home Design with Good Air Circulation

The design of this house in it presents a living room, dining room, and kitchen area. The First Floor contains a master bedroom with a balcony, a living room and an additional bedroom. Although impressed as a narrow building, this interior space is able to enter light and air circulation.

This design takes advantage of the longitudinal slope of the site through a floor slab that is lowered following the natural contours of the soil. In the process it also optimizes the cost of the foundation.

11. Examples of Minimalist Home Designs for Families

This house provides two courtyards, one near the entrance and the other between the living room and other rooms. The two existing courts will allow the wind to blow from North to South. This modern minimalist design by Takanobu Kishimoto is suitable to be an inspiration for a family home.

12. Examples of Minimalist Home Designs in the City Corner Area

This house is inspired by the forest, sea and sky of the Salish ocean. In addition, this minimalist home design by Chadbourne and Doss Architects supports the active lifestyle of its residents. The house occupies a corner area on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, with an area of ​​5,500 square feet.

13. Examples of Minimalist House Design in Hills with Minimal Capital

This minimalist house by architect Toshiyuki Igarashi is located on a hill overlooking the southern sea, the main island of Okinawa. The owner wanted an open house. A limited budget, deciding on the functionality of the minimum area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, is arranged separately in the hall space and the box as a shelter.

14. Example of a Minimalist Home Design with a Car Garage

This minimalist home design is a project that is planned as a detachment that develops part of the backyard of the house. The room is made in Japanese style and pays great attention to airtight insulation, by introducing a heat-insulating air cycle outside.

15. Examples of Modern Minimalist Home Design with Natural Nuances

The chosen position in the home area provides an attractive prospect. You can see the surrounding trees, offering a sense of protection by providing a sense of dynamic balance.

Aspects of the appearance of the gymnasium which can be connected to the guest rooms below via an internal staircase. The guest suite types can also be updated with an open layout, finishing touches and some furnishings.

Tips to make a house look minimalist

Quoted from the zenhabits page, here are tips to make the house look minimalist:

Give a Touch of Simple Ornament

You can add a simple work of art in several rooms so that it is not boring. For example, you can place a painting, picture, or photo framed in a neutral solid color. You also need to leave some walls blank, if possible.

Choosing a Calm Color

Tips for making a minimalist home is to give a splash of bright color in the room. However, most rooms should use a more subtle color, aka muted.

White is a classic minimalist color, but you can actually choose any solid color. The point is to choose a color that does not stress the eyes, for example, such as blue, brown, brown, or green.

Keep Items Out of Sight

We need to store all our things in an out of sight, like in drawers and cupboards. For example, existing bookshelves can be used to store books, DVDs, or other items.

One Place Multiple Functions

The hallmark of a minimalist home is that there is a room that can be used for various functions. Look for logical places that are close to frequently used objects. It was done to make things more efficient.

Simple Decoration

Tips for making a minimalist home are to pay attention to one or two simple decorations that can be accents for a minimalist room. Flower vases or small plant pots are two classic examples.

If the rest of the rooms in your minimalist home have muted colors, this simple addition can use bright colors such as red, or yellow, to attract attention and give the impression of energy in a plain room.
  • Main Characteristics of Minimalist Home Design
  • Focus on functionality
  • Lack of ornaments and excessive decoration
  • Monochromatic
  • The color palette is limited, with colors sometimes used as accents to create a calming environment.
  • Limited use of well-chosen materials, such as wood, concrete, steel, to glass
  • All aspects have a purposeful use of space and natural light
  • Often created with an open game layout and integrated storage.
Some of the advantages and benefits of minimalist home design, including:
  • Minimalist home design architecture can sometimes help save construction costs
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Has good design accessibility.
That was an example of the latest 2023 minimalist home design that can be your reference in buying or making a modern minimalist home. Which minimalist home design do you like the most?