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10 Best Painting Color for Living Room

10 Best Painting Color for Living Room

10 Best Painting Color for Living Room - Tired of wall hangings at home? Choose a living room wall painting that you like, the room will be more beautiful and look different.

Having a beautiful living room, does not always have to use only good furniture or furnishings.

However, you can decorate the living room in various ways, one of which is using a living room wall painting.

Landscape murals, 3D wall paintings or paintings in a dense room have a positive effect on the residents.

However, before you choose a minimalist wall painting, you need to pay attention to a few things.

For example, how big the size of the painting you want to display, don't let it be too big for the size of the room.

Then, how many paintings are in the living room, and what theme will you take for the wall painting.

Now, while thinking about the theme of the painting, here enrahe.com will provide inspiration for a living room wall painting.

10 Best Painting Color for Living Room

1. Painting Horses in Various Colors

The painting of a group of horses in the living room running in the water is claimed to have the meaning of persistence in achieving fortune.

Not only that, horses are also believed to be active animals. Wow, so this painting is perfect for placing in your living room.

2. Geometric Theme

This living room with a dominant gray color chooses a geometric triangle theme painting which has a color that matches the concept of the room.

A white sofa and some pillows in the same color as the room, make it look more beautiful and beautiful.

3. Golden Leaf

Generally, wall paintings with pictures of leaves have a green color. But this time it was different, the leaves on the painting were gold.

The painting becomes the most prominent thing in the room so that it makes the room more lively.

4. Mountain and Forest Pictures

For some people, choosing a living room wall painting must adjust to the concept of the living room itself.

This forest and mountain painting can be combined with some plants that are placed on the table in the corner of the room.

5. Islamic Theme

Bedroom murals or living room murals don't always have to be landscapes or pets.

For those of you who are Muslims, paintings with Islamic themes like this can be the right choice to make the room cooler.

6. A Pair of Birds on a Branch

Having a room theme is certainly necessary, so you can present the right decorations for the living room.

A combination of wall paint, a comfortable soft sofa, and a painting of two birds perched on a tree branch.

7. Woman with Flowers

Flower painting is one of the classic types of painting that is timeless. This painting can be placed in the living room.

The color of the painting is soft, making anyone who sees it can make it happier. The color choice is beautiful.

8. Abstract Painting

Abstract painting with many colors is a form of artistic imagination of the artist or painter who made it.

Although sometimes difficult to identify, this living room wall painting can make the room more aesthetic.

9. Deer and Sunset

Paintings on walls can make someone feel more relaxed and relaxed when looking at them, especially if the paintings are interesting.

This choice of painting a deer in the middle of a meadow with a sunset view has many meanings.

10. Lake and Green Forest

Seeing something green, such as plants and green forest paintings like this can certainly make the eyes fresher.

This painting with several parts makes the living room more sweet, beautiful and soothing to anyone who sees it.

Which living room wall painting do you want to choose? Choose the best so that the room looks better.

enrahe.com discusses the choice of living room wall decorations, definitely beautifying the interior of the room.